A fresh coat of paint can really transform the look of your home. So, after the painting pros leave or you DIYers put up the brushes and ladder, have you ever thought, "How long will that fresh paint look last?"

A quality interior paint job done with quality paint should last seven to 10 years under good conditions. That's the simple answer. However, lifestyle factors and traffic can cut into the longevity of your wall paint.

Bedrooms: 7-10 Years for Adults and 2-3 Years for Kids

Adults tend not to spend a lot of time in their bedrooms and the walls don't get much hands-on abuse.

With that in mind, let's talk about children's rooms. Kids spend more time in their bedrooms. Plus they tend to be more hands-on with walls.

Longevity Tip #1: Use a paint that can be cleaned easily such as an eggshell or pearl/satin. If your kids are the creative type (those who like to draw on walls), consider using a chalkboard paint on a section of their wall.

Hallways: 2-3 Years

High-traffic areas tend to go through a lot of wear and tear. Not only are halls corridors for people, but also furniture and whatever else is heading toward the bedrooms.

Longevity Tip #2: When moving furniture, use sheets or bubble wrap to reduce the risk of wall scrapes and dents. Also, use paints that can be easily cleaned of scuff marks and fingerprints.

Living and Dining Rooms: 5-7 Years

The walls in these rooms don't tend to get much hands-on attention. However, one new dining room set or couch can totally set off decor and style changes.

Longevity Tip #3: Keep furniture away from walls. And, when buying new furniture, keep your current paint colors in mind.

Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Laundry Rooms: 3-4 Years

Kitchens tend to be busy. Cooking and food prep can take a toll on the walls. Humidity and moisture in all three rooms also create an environment for mildew.

Longevity Tip #4: Semi-gloss paints are easier to clean and wipe down. Be sure to clean up after splashes—food or otherwise—to maintain the lasting look of your paint.

Other Factors That Impact Paint Longevity

Smoke can decrease the longevity of the paint. Sure, you can toss a smoker outside. But also consider the impact of a frequently used fireplace. Make sure your dampener is functioning properly. And now let's discuss the final factor: aesthetics. Today's popular colors might not be trendy a few years from now. Or, you just get tired of the color. Never fear a change in style. Painting the interior of your home will probably be one of the cheapest ways to do a home makeover.